Check out our website for more content!! This post directed mainly for high schoolers but could be relatable for some middle schoolers and some who are even out of school, but lets talk about friends. Having friends in school is a big part of the high school experience. Although you do have classes, I would say school days and even days outside of school revolve mainly around being social and the social aspect of everything. Having many friends, being in a clique and being popular is what many strive to accomplish in high school. But with a lot of friends and popularity may also come with backstabbers, your "friends" spreading secrets and rumors about you, fake friends, and even people who may be jealous or envious of you... and thats not what you want... trust me I would know. I wasn't popular per say but I did assign the word "friend" to a lot of people and their later behavior and actions showed they were far from the definition of a friend (let me know in the comments below if you want a full story time about a drama field situation I endured). Anyway, many family members and many elders have always told me you should be able to count all your friends on one hand. If you cannot do that easily you should maybe re evaluate your friend group and see who really has your back and is a true and genuine friend to you. Once you figure that out, which may take some time, I'm 100% not saying cut-off the people who didn't make the cut. Just keep in mind that the friends you were able to count on one hand are your close, bff's, true friends while others are just casual friends or even acquaintances. Figuring out who my real friends were has helped me lead a more positive life and I hope it can do the same for you guys :). Down below I will list some tips and questions to ask yourself below on how to see/ decipher if some of your friends are actually your true, close friends. Get a GOOD, STRONG, GENUINE friend group and keep it pushing baby girl. Enjoy, xoxo.
Ask yourself: Who reaches out first?
Concept: "Disappear" from social media for a couple days and see who reaches out to you.
Concept: If you are always the friend that reaches out to the other friend first, don't do it. See if they reach out to you.
Ask yourself: When expressing problems and concerns in your life to friends, what are their responses like? Dry and Uninterested or Caring and Helpful?
Ask yourself: Does someone put in more effort to be in the other persons life or is it equal?
Ask yourself: Do you fight often over stupid thing?
Ask yourself: Do they make you feel inferior to them?
Ask yourself: Are you always the one to make plans with them or ask them to hang out?