So, I just was at a party. And maybe I'm a little bit drunk wihile writing this but you know that's when the best thoughts come.

I'm 17 now, just another young girl dealing with daily stuff. But you know maybe that daily stuff makes us all sick. We wake up, go to school, learn, eat healthy and do sports to achieve the social imagination of unrealistic perfection.

And all we do is get by. hoping to have a normal somehow good life one day. and we get by. hoping the stressful day will end. and we get by. hoping tomorrow may be the best day of our lives.

In the end you'll look back and say: " fuck, I could have done it all." So stop the usual go for something great, soemthing that scares you but excites you at the same time. Something others tell you you can't do. Something that represents who you really are. Give yourself the feeling you're doing something. Not everything you do will be right, there will be mistakes and miserable situatons but who cares?!? At least you're up, living your life and not just getting by. Getting by is what leads you to a good life. Stopping it leads you to a colorful, adventurous world.

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_So read that book, go to that concert, climb on that roof, do that homework, kiss that boy and drink that beer._

And then when you one day sit in your rocker you'll look back and thank yourself for doing all that. Sometimes you have to embrace the calm to start again and that's also part of stopping to get by. And, my dear, just leave those people who say you can't and quit those thoughts about failing. Because you and we are all able to do such great things, just when we become independent of what others think about us and stand for our own proclaimed values.

As Machine Gun Kelly says:
>"You only got one life don't waste it.
> I mean we only got one night get wasted.
>I mean I know you're tryna think it out but go for what you feel 'cause real >problems can't be calculated

I think what I want to say, although I actually have no clue about life, is: Live it up to the fullest, try to embrace fear, fuck people and voices who say you can't.

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Peace out buddies