Hello, I'm Avaya. Here are some facts about me.

1. I like to see myself as a very positive person, I'd like if you saw me as that also (:

2. I'm Bi-racial

3. My best/favorite subject is Reading & My least favorite is Math.

4. I have a twin sister

5. I am 5'4

6. I love school for all reasons possible.

7. I love watching drama but hate being in it

8. I am a book worm

9 I am very intelligent, or I think so ((:

10. I love 90s books/movies anything from that decade you can give it to me!

11. I play the cello

12. I would like to speak French, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian

13. I see bullies as people who are hurting at home and decide to take it out on others, I don't let any negativity get to me.

14. I love articles

15. I would love to make a career out of my love for poetry/articles.

16. I am from Missouri.

17. I am a complete weirdo

18. I am very opinionated

19. I love Chips :3

20. I'm just a good person to hang around, Wanna be friends? (:

That's all. Thank you for reading or wasting your time on this article, I can't wait to get to know you guys more!