YASSS, it is finally Autumn and I am so thrilled! My Autumn bucket list is everything I plan on doing this fall, with some awesome tip! IT'S GONNA BE LIT!

1. Go apple picking

2. Go through a corn maze with friends...And maybe get a little lost

3. Attend a school football game with friends. It is essential to bring warm apple cider, and a big blanket for all of you to share

4. Have a bonfire...Toast marshmallows, pump up the tunes, and have some cocoa or sparkling cider with friends

5. Obviously go on a hay ride with family or friends

6. Hit up a local farmstand and get some of that famous fall produce!

7. Be sure to throw on a cozy sweater and some leggings, and head out to the pumpkin patch!

8. Carve pumpkins and just let loose. Afterwards throw some cinnamon and sugar on the seeds and throw them in the oven

9. Take a lazy Sunday to stay in bed with a mug of pumpkin spice tea (sugar and milk added) and some biscotti! Watch scary movies on laptop, with fairy lights on and fall scented candles lit

10. Invite friends over and have a fall movie night (Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Harry Potter, and Once Upon A Time) Order Chinese Takeout

11. Watch Charlie Brown Halloween with the fam

12. Apple Cider Donuts!

13. Have a Halloween get together with kids from school, and dress up in something super cute!

14. Tell ghost stories with friends

15. Have a picnic in the park with crush...and maybe even let him teach me to toss a football

So that's it! Hope you get inspired!

XX Willow