Do we really believe that in 7 billion people we will find our lover,our soulmate right in the street in which we live? in our district or maybe in our city?
I used to believe it but then I realized that it's not true.
I Always wanted to travel and, today, I'm pretty sure I will.
I will discover new beautiful places, with all its traditions, its colours, its inhabitants. I will find YOU there.
I will find the person who will kiss my forhead while I fall aspleep;
I will find the one who will cook my favourite food because i'm too tired to do it .
I will find you, my future lover, you will kiss my lips,my neck,my hands.
I will feel your breath and your warmth, I will make you feel strong and you will make me feel protected,we will save each other from our fears.
I can only think that we are under the same sky with the same sun,stars and moon.. that is never bigger than your thumb. I can't wait to know you.

i'm wondering what are you doing right now while i'm writing this..