hi guys, the third article for the challenge is about your favorite books and, honestly, I'm loving this challenge so farrrrr... Can't wait to share with you more, let's get starteddd (challenge credits: sofie, @dreamer)

#1 paper towns, this book is one of my number ones, I love the movie too. John Green is genius.

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paper towns, john green, and book image
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#2 the 100, the tv show is nothing like the book. I swear.

the 100 and the100 image
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the 100 image

#3 shadowhunters (saga), I'm courrently reading the fourth one and I loved every single book

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clary, jace, and the mortal instruments image
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#4 divergent (trilogy), again, the movies are nothing like the books, trust me.

divergent, be brave, and bird image
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divergent, tris, and factions image

#5 a red herring without mustard, this book is really good, it could be boring for some people but I loved it.

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#6 gregor, this is from the same woman that wrote hunger games but it's not really famous tho.

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#7 narnia, this book is huge but so so good

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#8 an abundance of Katherines, this book may be boring for someone but I found it actually really funny and original.

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those were some of the books that I loved reading this year, hope you'll find them interesting as well.

luv yaaa
xoxo, An.