Hello, Hearts!
Some week ago, Taylor Swift is come back on the scene after 3 years of "silence" with two new songs and a music video. For those who didn't know it yet, the songs are "Look what you made me do" and "...Ready for it?".
About the second one, all we can say is that it's something new for Taylor because it's a rap song and just "New Romantics" is a little close to this kinda music. Many TayTay's fans were disappointed because the song is so "no-Taylor" but I think it's important, for an artist, expanding its own horizons and testing new experiences.
While we're waiting for the release of her 6th album, Reputation on 10.11.2017, I wanna write about something that has raised a lot of talks. I'm talking about "Look what you made me do" music video because it's full of references to many people.
Let's star to analyze it!

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The new album's cover, Reputation, by Taylor Swift. The album will be released on 10 November 2017.

1. Zombie and tombstones
The video opens with a cemetery and a zombie-Taylor digging her own grave where a smiling Taylor lies.

Reputation, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image Reputation, Swift, and taylor image Reputation, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image Taylor Swift and look what you made me do image

There are a lot of graves with old tombstones but we can clearly read a name: Nils Sjoberg. With this pseudonym, Taylor helped Calvin Harris, her ex-boyfriend,to write the "This is what you came for lyric and, because of this pseudonym, he denied a collaboration between them (he and Taylor) and, in the writing credits, he wrote the pseudonym.

After their break up, according to People Magazine an d through a spokesman, Taylor revealed that hte song was hers.
So a war broke up on Twitter because Calvin Harris started to tweet about this bad situation writing she sang a piece of the song and she wrote the lyric but the music was his and, at the start, she wanted to be anonymous and this was the reason why he wrote the pseudonym and not her name in the writing credits. He also tweeted she was looking for "someone new to try and bury".
After that, many people started to comment her posts on social network with the snake emoji and started to call her Taylor the snake.

calvin harris and Taylor Swift image
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris at Billboard Music Award 2015. Their lovestory lasted 15 months.
Image by Daisy.
Calvin Harris's tweets.
Image by Daisy.
Some comments on her IG account.

So in the video, she buried Nils Sjoberg and her own reputation, buried by the media.
Zombie-Taylor is a reference to Kanye West who wore a "in Taylor Swift's memory" T-shirt.

Image by c🥀

2. Diamonds on me
In the next scene, she is in a tub of diamonds in a reference to 2015, when Tay said the media thought she lived in luxury, surrounded by pearls and diamonds. Someone thinks this is a reference to Melania Trup because Tay's mom is Trump's supporter but this theory isn't very accredited. Also, there are people who think it's a reference to Kim Kardashian's robbery in a Parisian hotel. She was tied up in the bathroom and threatened with a gun and Taylor mimes a gun with her fingers. All that diamonds are referred to the media which accused her of greed after her decision to leave Spotify.

Taylor Swift, look what you made me do, and Reputation image

The dollar bill is a reference to the sexual assault case she won against Dj David Mueller who groped her in 2013. The dollar bill is the symbolic compensation she has wanted because her purpose was to launch a message and give strenght and courage to everyone who is victim of sexual abuse.

Taylor Swift, look what you made me do, and Reputation image
Taylor Swift and the dollar bill.

3. Call me "Queen of snakes".
In the next video scene, Taylor is sitting on a golden throne with many snakes at her feet. As I have written some line above, she is considered a snake since Calvin Harris's drama and she made this animal the symbol of her video.

gif image
Snakes are everywhere.

A snake serves her a cup of hot tea, miming Kim Kardashian that released the audio of Tay and Kanye's called about some verses in Kanye West's song, "Famous" (you can find the audio on the Internet).
The verses are:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous.

Kanye West phoned Taylor Swift to ask her permission for these words. When the song was released, Taylor wasn't so happy. So Kim Kardashian published the audio called and, in an interview on GQ.com, said that

"She [Taylor] totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn't. I swear, my husband gets so much shit for things [when] he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved".

In that called, Taylor thanked Kanye for asking her permission for his song cuz she found it a nice gesture from his side and she appreciated it. But things went different cuz Taylor wrote a long tweet telling she wanted to support Kanye but she also wanted to listen to the song because you can't approve a song if you don't listen to it.
After this, Kim Kardashian tweeted many snake emojis on her own account during the Internation Shake Day, a reference, clearly, to Taylor.

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and snake image

There's an inscription on her golden throne that reads "Et tu Brute".

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It's a Latin sentence used by William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar when Caesar was assassinated by Brutus and other people. This is another sign of TayTay's change because she was more a "Romeo and Juliet" girl than Julius Caesar but the old Taylor is dead.

art, creativity, and draw image
Hello, it's me...
art, gif, and music image

4. Car accident and Grammy"
In the next scene, she gets out from the car, destroyed by an accident, with a Grammy in her hand. Someone (and many people are agreed with this theory) thinks that this is a reference to Katy Perry (guilty of having stolen her 3 dancers for her tour) who never won a Grammy.
It's a reference to the media too which accused her to only care about winning Grammys.
Also, her car accident is similar to Katy Perry's one in her video "Unconditionally"

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5. Cats and music streaming company
In this scene, she is surrounded by her Girl Squad with cat masks handing baseball bats while they're robbing a music streaming company.

america, beautiful, and blond image
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Taylor Swift, Reputation, and gif image

The reference is for her battle against Spotify, due to its dismal compensation of artists. She also wrote an open letter to Apple Music in 2014 arguing on behalf of increased artists compensation nd then took to Tumblr, in June 2015, blasting Apple's decision to give users three-month free trials.
On the cats' shirts, we can read "Blind for Love" in reference to all her break-ups and to the media opinions about her love affairs.

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image

6. Girl Squad, Girl Power
The scene changes. Now, Taylor is with her Girl Squad which was with her in Bad Blood music video. During the 1989 tour, she invited her besties on the stage around in different cities and she brought them to red carperts. Because of the fact that her squad was made up by top models and the most of them has her same blondie, aryan beauty, the media started to say she wanted around her people similar to each

Reputation, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image

So, here she is, with her army of girls all the same with each other and she is the leader of this Squad wearing black leather and lattix.

gif and Taylor Swift image
bad ass, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image

7. Ex-Boyfriends Squad
This is another particular scene. It remembers Beyonce's Formation video but the particularity is the dancers' belly shirt on which we can read "I Heart TS" and this is referred to one of her most famous ex-boyfriends, Tom Hiddleston who wore a white T-shirt with the same sentence on it while he was with her in Rhode Island. The dancers are *8* like Tay's exes: Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston. The T-shirt suggests the idea the media's idea that she surrounds herself with people who express their love for her on a T-shirt.

gif image
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8. Golden Cage
Taylor in a golen cage is referred to people who say she lives out of reality.

gif, music, and videoclip image

9. Goodbye, old Taylors
Now there's the new Taylor on the top of a human mountain made up by the old Taylors. They wanna be resurrected but the new Taylor banishes and declares them dead.

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image
Welcome, new Taylor.
gif, taylor, and Taylor Swift image
Goodbye, old Taylors.

10. The final scene
When the song finishes, there are all the characters she played in her previous music videos and, in the background, there's a plane with the name of her new album.

taylor, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image

These are the characters she played:

Reputation, Taylor Swift, and look what you made me do image
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On her pajamas, there are her best friends' name and people who are close to her.
This is the dialogue.

gif, music, and Taylor Swift image
gif, music, and Reputation image
gif, Taylor Swift, and Reputation image
Taylor Swift, gif, and Reputation image
gif and Taylor Swift image
gif, Reputation, and Taylor Swift image
gif, music, and Reputation image
gif, music, and Reputation image
gif, music, and Taylor Swift image
It's the final sentence of her long tweet aboud Kardashian-West drama
Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image

It took me 3 hours to write this article and I hope you'll like it.
(I love the final work I've done with all that gifs).
I think I could write a book about all her dramas.
When I watched the video for the first time, I found an angry Taylor and I was sorry for her. I knew her with "Love Story" video music and at that time she looked so innocent and now she's an angry girl. It hurts.
I hope she can find peace someday and learn to ignore what people say about her, her life, her friends, her music, her love life. They always have to say something bad about you cuz maybe they're envious or have an empty life.
I love the music video and the song above all, It's new for her and it's a bomb.
We can't do anything but waiting for her album and wishing her all the love and happiness in this world, She deserves them. I hope the whole world will learn to respect her because, before of being a singer, she's a human being with feelings like us.
I hope she'll find someone who will love her for the person she is and will silence her demons and will make her happy.
Maybe it's just the effect of this video but I miss the old Taylor even if I know she's the same when the lights are down.
Anyways, she's finally coming back. 3 years of silence are enough.
Welcome back, Taylor.
We love you.

Daisy. xoxo

PS: And you?

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