Hello everyone! Today I wanted to discuss my top tips for when I'm feeling crummy, had a bad day, or just really want to pamper myself. Hopefully these help you out, and remember that self care is NEVER selfish or unnecessary<3 So in no particular order, here is my list on how to properly look after yourself.

1) Take a bath. Yes, I know, this is that cliché recommendation that sitting in a tub of hot water fixes all of life's problems. But it's true! Floating in a pool of warm scented water relaxes the mind, cleanses the body, and gives you some calm space and time to think/zone out. Light some candles and add some nice music, if you'd like.

2) Skincare. I know that especially if I've been crying or just feel gross in general, a good place to start is to exfoliate, moisturize, and put on a nice sheet mask. Glowing, fresh skin is bound to bring a smile to your face. And it's super relaxing to detoxify from the outside in! Add some lotion to your skin for some extra pampering.

3) Cry it out. Sometimes the best way to relieve all of your built up sadness and anger is to simply have a long ugly cry. Take as much time as you need, but make sure to pick yourself up afterwards!

4) Talk it out. While you shouldn't put your happiness in someone else's hands, talking to a trusted friend or family member and getting their advice can really help a situation. Not in the mood to open up to anyone about it? Jot it down then throw it away! Swirling thunderstorms of negative thoughts aren't helpful to keep inside.

5) Stay hydrated, kids. I know water won't magically erase your frustration, but we need water to survive and feel our best. Especially after a long cry, grab a glass of refreshing water and give your cells a boost! Try adding some sliced fruit for extra flavor and sweetness.

6) Distract yourself. Getting out of the house or watching a great movie will provide at least a temporary solution, so it's worth a shot! It could even be as small as burning a pleasant candle.

Well, I think that's it. I hope these helped you guys and ALWAYS be sure to love yourself, even when you don't feel like it<3