"My love for you have been and will always be bigger than the summer's sun"
- Rise of Summer

This is a short part I wrote for an upcoming story of mine, enjoy

sunflower and yellow image
I found a heaven
hand, light, and rainbow image
I held it in my arms
ball, boards, and deck image
But it unraveled slowly
beach, sun, and sea image
A heaven made of summer
child, photo, and yellow image
Warmth, serenity, and softness
green eyes image
Waking an urge
tree, hand, and nature image
A hope to stay
witch and witchy image
And although I know
eye, cry, and sad image
Nothing lasts forever
field, land, and Sonne image
Even summer passes by
beautiful, bright, and colors image
I still found a heaven
love, couple, and hands image
I held it tight
Mature image
But slowly it unraveled
sunflower, flowers, and yellow image
Sliding off my fingers
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Too thin for me to grab

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