I just hit 5,000 followers and I wanted to thank each of you so much!! ilysm!! To get to know me a bit here are 22 random questions



Zodiac Sign?

Myers-Briggs Type?

Student!! I’m majoring in Linguistics and I think I’m going to add Geographic Information Science to double major ;;;

Dream Job?
Trophy Wife lmao


Hogwarts House?

Favorite Color?
Grey and sometimes pink

Favorite Musical Artists?
EXO, f(x), Day6, BTS, and Twice for K-Pop but I also love Sia, One Direction, Dua Lipa, BORNS, Marina and the Diamonds, Twenty One Pilots, Brandi Carlile, Troye Sivan, etc.

Favorite Song?
Hmmmmm I’ll say either Star by Heize or Sorry by Halsey (right now that is…)

Favorite Movie?
if you really want to get to know me you should know I don’t like movies lol but I’ll make an exception for Jurassic Park…. And a couple Studio Ghibli ones but other than that :p

Favorite Food?
wtf I hate this question I love so many foods (but you know when you take the first bite of a really good sandwich, like you know what I’m talking about right? Like a REALLY good sandwich and you honestly feel like you could just ascend right there on the spot? I do love a good sandwich ngl)

Go To Coffee Order?
Large Iced Americano, no room for cream. I’m Not Fucking Around Here.

How Long I’ve Been on We Heart It?
Since 2012… so 5 years…… (although I was inactive from 2013 to 2015)

Have you ever been out of your province/state?
HAVE I?!?!

Where would you like to travel?
Somewhere I haven’t been yet…. Maybe Chile or Australia or China

Ever broken someone’s heart?
…….yes……...i think I did…….sorry……..

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Readin’ some good ole fashioned fanfiction lmao

Describe your dream date:
Okay picture this: They show up. Hoodie? On. Sweatpants? On. I pull them into my house. I, too, am wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. We lay down on my bed. I pull the covers up. They hold me OR I hold them in my arms as we drift of to nap for several hours. Said several hours pass by, I am gently awoken by my own happiness. They’re already awake and looking at me, admiring my beauty. In a soft voice they ask if I want Leeann Chin. I nod. We go, not caring about our looks. I get fried rice, lo mein, and a plethora of cream cheese puffs. They pay for me knowing full well I don’t have any money. My fortune reads as follows: “You will be with the person across from you for the rest of your life and you will have 3 cats and a lot of money. May you never work a day in your life.” I smile and look up, my date is on one knee with a large diamond ring in one hand, the sign off for our new New York City penthouse overlooking the city in the other.

Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs:
$TING by The Neighborhood
A Guy Like Me by Lim Chang Jung
Ending Page by f(x)
BABE by Hyuna
American Money by BORNS
Body Language by Carly Rae Jepsen
Dernière danse by Indila
El Dorado by EXO
A.M. by One Direction
Don't Look At Me Like That by Song Ji Eun

P.S. shout out to my babies: