Hey guys. It's me again. Some may ask why I'm writing this article on life. Well, this is why. (Enjoy!). Here's the big question... What is life? Hmm, this is what I think. Life is a gift, given from the one and only, God. It's a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. Life is also an experience, a once in a LIFEtime experience. (LOL). Which is why you, including myself should take risks, go to new places, see new things, people, all that good stuff. Instead of being caught up in petty drama, being a bully, and most times worried about others, think about yourself and have tons of fun.
I know that living a great life is hard for many, it can also be hard for me sometimes. But take it from a person who had serious health issues. Life or death issues. From being in the hospital on and off and having multiple surgeries, I learned to live each day like it's my last. You know the acronym YOLO, yeah I live by that. (You should too.) Personally, I was that person who would never branch out, or take chances. I wasn't an outgoing person, and from me being such a shy and afraid person, I missed out on so many opportunities. If you're wondering why, its because after I got out of the hospital, I was afraid of other people. I was afraid of what they would say and think of me. Yes, I had a lot of bullies and hard times.I even tired to kill myself, and I was a cutter. But the things that I did, and constantly being reminded of them by the scars on my wrist taught me a lesson. A lesson that I would always remember.

As I said earlier, instead of being worried about others, take care of yourself and just live and be happy. I learned that the hard way (sad, but true). So guys... Just as Drake said, " Everybody dies but not everybody lives"! ( So Live Ya Life AYEEEEE)

I hope this article put smiles on your faces. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!