I've held on so tightly to you,
or at least the idea of you,
but I think today is the day i say goodbye

Goodbye to you and the memories we never shared and never will,
All because you refused too,
Maybe it was because you had all the memories you needed

I used to hope that maybe, just maybe, when I wasn't looking your eyes would search for me,
the same way mine would search for you

I never really knew you,
for I was in love with the idea of you,
instead of the real you,
and for that I am sorry

But now I realize,
that I have been a fool,
a fool to believe that I would even cross your mind

So goodbye to the one I once held onto dearly,
And hello to a new beginning without you,
Hello to the new memories that I will share with many,
Hello to a new me
Hello to my unknown future,
And goodbye to you