Hey HUNNYS!! Its Arabella, coming at you with my FOURTH article! These things are catching on so fast & I love it, don't you? Ok, Im gonna lay it down to all of you, just say it, I'm gonna be straaaaight up with 'cha! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & you CAN do it. Being around others while dealing with your own insecurities can be hard. Learning to fall for every flaw on your body(Flaws in your opinion) can be hard. You don't have to go about your days with out love & courage, AND i'm gonna tell you how you're gonna do it in a medium sized article or less, SO LET'S GOOOO!

Look Your Part

Make sure you look YOUR part. Not someone else's part. They are not you, and you pretending to be someone who you're not will not make you fully love YOU, only them! Being in your best 'fit will make you feel the best you've ever felt. Feeling amazing within yourself will change the way you speak to others, take time to find your sense of style.

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Stand Up Straight

This is a short "paragraph". STAND UP STRAIGHT & make eye contact. You will feel powerful, you will feel your best. Once you feel self-assured, you will expand the limits of your comfort zone.

Tell Yourself Your Worth

Know your worth. I want you to tell yourself everyday, "you are beautiful". You've heard it before, but thats only because it works. I spent hours of my life hating my heavy size, if it wasn't for myself reminding myself that I'm worth so much more, I'd still be crying over the most irrelevant & untrue things. If you have a full size mirror, nows the time to put it to good use.

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Talk To One Person A Day

DUUUUUDDDDDEEEE let me tell you how much this tip helped me through those rough times. About 7 years ago, I was a super shy 7th grader, this tip lead me to be comfortable 2 years later for my 1st year of high school, where I joined a drama program. I spoke to LOTS of people then, & I stayed all 4 years! It comes naturally now. I started by asking for directions, then where they got an article of clothing, and by high school I was constantly handing compliments to people. Its so nice to see people's day made by a simple nice comment.

Take Selfies

Yes, this a weird tip, but It'll get you comfortable with yourself. If you're like me, it might get you obsessed with selfies but in love with every inch of yourself. Look, I'm not saying you're getting on the discover page of WHI or the explore page on Instagram(although, It's fabulous if you do!)I haven't even had that happen. But I do base my instagram on myself. Showing off the shirts & outfits I'm wearing & how awesome they look on me, & I if someone does it like it that's ok sunshines!

Start Speaking Your Mind

You don't have to do it all the time! You can do it when you're alone, with friends, or family! Getting comfortable with your thoughts & recognizing/throwing out the negative ones is important. Not only for you but your mental health. Keep your energy positive dude. Thass it.

Little Recap

- You are beautiful
- You're the shit
- You can do it
- Like for real
- Talk to one person a day
- Aight got that? Now go out there & do great!


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Bye, sunshines! 💕