Have you ever thought about the fact the everything we do, all day long, each and every day, is judging?

We judge things, points of view, taken decisions, clothing or outer looks; and all of these, of course, of other people, not ourselves.

Ans trust me, everybody does so, even if only unconsciously, we all judge things and people.

Why though?
Have we reached a point in ourselves, where our own life is not enough, is not interesting enough, is not challenging enough for us to focus on it and only on it?

Personally, I think that is it.
Not entirely, of course.
Me for example, all in all, I'm pretty content with my life.
I still judge people. It has become my goal for the next school year though, not to do so anymore. It's a waste of time. It's immature. It's simply unnecessary in our everyday lives.

How about we go a bit deeper into the point.
We judge things that are different from things we know or things we are used to, we like and we accept.
It comes from an immature and intolerant place within ourselves.
It comes in moments of a rush, where we forget to think before talking and speaking out.
It comes in moments with peer pressure, as everyone around us constantly judges and has something to say about others, which leaves us no choice but do so as well.

But if you think about it thoroughly, do you have the right to judge people? And this goes both, your friends and family, people you know and strangers, people you do not know personally. In the second case, the judging is even more senseless.

As far as concerns your closest friends and your family members, you should always start from a base where you want the good for that person. You simply want them to be happy, to be happy with their life and with their decisions. So, of course, you can speak out to decisions they have taken, you can give them advice, you can communicate them your opinion on the case. But you can not, or, better, should never ever judge them.

That's what my mom always tells me. She's here for me, I can tell her whatever I want to, she's never going to judge me. There's too much love to find space for judgment.

And that's exactly what you should do for your friends and family members. Listen, be there for them, help them through hard times, supporting them throughout every single decision, even if it's not precisely what you would do yourself.

While returning to the act of judging people we do not know, or maybe have only talked to one or two times.
What do we honestly know about them?
What on earth do we know about their character, their past, their current emotional status, their beliefs and their way of thinking?

Only because we put the value on their clothing, on their makeup or on their facial expression.
Even if you've spent a single day with them, a short amount of time where they might have behaved in a certain way, who says they're always like that? It might have been a bad day or a bad moment, right?

Plus, do you think that what you say could somewhat change the person or influence them? If they are intelligent enough, they couldn't care less about your opinion. In the end that's what they always tell us right? To not give a damn about what others think.
Realize, that your opinion does not benefit anyone, neither you nor the person you're judging.

As cheesy as the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover" sounds, frankly, there's a lot to it.
Because I speak from personal experience, so many times I have been proved wrong because I properly got to know a person. And still, every single time it leaves me speechless.

It's a way of thinking and behaving that takes time to get used to I guess. Because me myself I have not reached the point by a long stretch. But awareness is the first step, right?

So, long story short is to think before you speak and especially before you want to judge someone, on a wrong or leaking basis of information.
It is mean.
It is unnecessary and immature.
It is another reason of hate and conflict, and to be fair, there's enough of that already in the world, isn't there?