This is another story about friendship. The realist friend that's in my life.

I've had quite a few best friends but she's the one that's stayed. We met in 7th grade when I was one of the new kids. She was also considered one of the new kids because she came in about half way through the year before. Surprisingly, she was the one who came up to me and started a conversation. At the time, I considered someone else my best friend who was also a new kid like me. she's irrelevant now. But Jazzie was always there. We hung out outside of school and sat at the same lunch table. She was always quiet and just reading a book and I have no idea how she did it because it was firkin loud in that lunchroom.

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I wouldn't say she was my best friend in middle school because someone else was and I am not the one to just throw that title around and give it to more than one person but that's just me. I did consider her as my closest friend in middle school though if that makes sense...

High school came around and sadly we ended up not going to the same campuses. I got involved in sports and I lacked in communicating with her so we kind of faded and talked occasionally. But when we did, it was like no time has passed, It's those kind of people who you can't let go of.

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I've always known in my gut that she'd always be my friend no matter what and when I left for school in Arizona, we kept in touch and I think we actually got closer. I came back to Illinois after first semester and unfortunately had to stay back, but I did have Jazzie and we were inseparable. We always hung out and even if we weren't actually doing something, we'd still be on our phones with the TV on and still enjoying each others company. We basically had this thing where if one of us didn't have money, we got the other so we never truly went broke LOL. I just know from here on out, she'll always be my best friend and nothing can change that. I plan for her to be my maid of honor and we have a bunch of adventures planned in the future so I am really excited for that.

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She's the best and I love her and appreciate her to pieces!!

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