1. Iceland
Beautiful nature, sweet houses, northern lights, interesting traditions, nice people,... Yeah, I think Iceland is definitely first country I want to visit! In winter, because then Iceland looks really magical!

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2. London
London is the city you must visit. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so I want to visit King's Cross station, platform 9 3/4. The second reason is that I just want to sit somewhere and listening people speaking British accent! There are also a lot of places and buildings I want to see: river Themse, Big Ben, Tower Bridge... and I want to travel by red bus:)

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3. Las Vegas
"What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas." One of my favorite quotes! Vegas is really the city that never sleeps. I just want to experience that fun! (don't get me wrong haha)

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4. Finland
Okay, I want to visit Finland mostly because of Santa Clause Village. It will be like my childhood dreams come true! Of course, I want to visit this country in winter, when everything is cover with magical snow:)

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5. New York
And the last country on my list is New York. The reason why I want to visit this city is that I want to be on New York streets, surrounded with loud sounds of cars, songs, conversations and so on. I also want to try their fast food:)

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"If not now, when?" :)