Hello everybody!
Welcome to my first article!
I've been thinking for a long time what to post for first article and I decided to make some kind of motivation arcticle.
So it may be a little long, but I am sure that you'll enjoy! ♡

So, you have to know:

#1 Never give up

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I know, people are always saying this but if you want to reach your goal you should never give up!

#2 You have to be patient

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Your goal can't happened over night.
If you have really big dream/goal you'll probably have to wait one or even more years.
You can reach it after many many years, but if you give up, it will stay your never - reached - goal, and you don't want it, right?

#3 You have to know what you want

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I think I don't need to explain this one.
If you know what you want - you know where to search!

#4 You mustn't let others to let you down

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This one is also obvious.
Be strong and don't be distracted by others opinions!

#5 Find your motivation or idol

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Find something what is really important for reaching your goals.
Search for someone famous who has similar dreams or life as yours (and who succeed), internet is full of it.

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Aaand this is the end of my article..
So these facts are usually tips that you need to know but I think that there is no need to say anything else.
I hope you hearted my article, and I hope that I really motivated you! ♡

P.S. Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes (english is not my native language).

Also visit my profile, maybe you'll find something that will motivate you! ♡

- Hana