She is everything I want to be that am not.  She is 5ft5, of course it's silly to have a particular height you want to be.  And am 5ft7. She is hardworking and am lazy. She is smart and am below average.  She is sophisticated and am a scatter brain.  She is patient and I hardly have any patience. She has a smaller waist than I do. She has amazing skin and I have bruises and scars.  She loves socializing and am awkward with people. She is pretty and I am plain. She has fully and thick natural hair and I have short hair.  She speaks boldly in front of a crowd and I hate speaking in front of one.  She learn very quickly and understands and I can hardly focus enough to understand. She has long and pretty nails and my nails are short and ugly. She carries her herself with grace without trying and I walk like I am always depressed. She never regretted what she did in grade 11 & 12 but I regret so many choices I made. She doesn't love going to the gym or exercising but she does it to keep a disciplined mind and I never go to the gym and I don't have a disciplined mind. She has a wicked sense of humour and can be mischievously sarcastic and I try to be both. She has this lovely long lashes and perfect eyebrows and I barely have any. She can wear anything and look perfect in it and look terrible in a lot of thing. She makes the most out of every situation and I make impulsive decisions that mostly bad. She can dancing like her older brother and sister and I don't ever dance in public because I look awful trying. You see she is everything that am not. You may say she is perfect and I agree. She is the other me. The self that I want to be so bad.  The worst part is am not even add any effort to try to be her because of my shortcomings.  I want to be her but I can't. She is the perfect me...  The me that doesn't exist.