Yes, this is another budget-friendly idea you will love.

Today I discovered this website called " " where you can print your photos.
They kinda do everything that involves printing images such as posters (love them) and other Tumblr inspired ideas like Polaroids.

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And for what I know this is the cheapest way to get the cutest pictures!
Also it is a great idea for a present!

Check their website and tell me what you think.
P.S. I just ordered 100 pcs. of square images from my vacation that I'm going to stick on my bedroom wall. (all for 22$ including shipping)
P.P.S. I live in Rome so about the shipping it can change the price of course.

If you want I have a coupon code that they gave me with my order today, you can use it to save 5$ off your first order. Here it is: ANGD4R

thanks for reading! let me know what you think!