I wake up. Slowly but steadily I come to my senses. I open up my eyes only to find myself lying in a bed and more importantly, in a bedroom that doesn't belong to me.

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How? Why? Questions with no answers, no one to clear them, not even me. But then again, this is just a simple dialogue that is placed in my own head or better yet, a monologue. Even if I try to recall anything I can't. But why? Why can't I access this part of my memory. The only answer I get is a splitting headache. I turn around only for my eyes to wander around an unknown place. Where on earth am I? This looks nothing alike my hometown. My hands start searching the bed for my phone but with no result.

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In the corner of my mind I start feeling the one thing I have read millions and millions of times to be the biggest mistake one can make at a time like this and it is to meet my old friend called fear. But fear for what? There is no one but me in the bedroom or so I think. That is why the next thing I proceed to do is look around. But as it seems, time is not on my side.

The sunset in front of me would be filled with so much pleasure though only if I knew where and why I am here.

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Come to think of it, even then I would have an uneasy feeling. Why? Well as I am taking a better look at my surroundings I come to realise that there is something very odd about this room, especially on the right side where the wall is.

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How funny. If this were a normal situation, one might think that the owner of the room is into the new craze for anything "aesthetical" which includes neon signs as well but this is not my case here. What I make of the sign is nothing more than a feeling of obsessiveness.
I get up slowly. I need to watch my step. What if there is someone behind the door that is inn front of me but a few steps away?

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Nonetheless, I look to my left, opposite to where the sign is I see a closed door with a purple light streaming from under it. What should I do? Should I open it? But what if the person responsible for me being here is behind it? Wouldn't it be a better if I just went directly to the door that probably leads to the way out of here? But what if the "purple" room is the real exit?

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My indecisiveness is driving me crazy.
Well then, purple door it is. To be honest, my curiosity is getting the best of me.
As I reach for the doorknob I feel as though I'm out of breath, as if I have just completed a full set of the good old running around the field activity I used to have when I was at high school.
Now, back to the door. It opens quite freely. I open it slowly and cautiously and what I find looks nothing like my expectations.


// end of pt.1

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