I'm a writer. No, really, I am - I published my first (and, so far, my only) book when I was sixteen. Which, okay, has not been that long ago (I'm only eighteen), but it's still something, right?

So, yeah, I am a writer. I wrote (am writing and will write) stories. Novels, mostly. That's something I don't always feel proud about, to be quite honest. I mean, when someone knows an eighteen year old girl/young woman has written a book, they expect it to be a novel. And I quite hate to prove other people right, most of the time. With it, comes the wanting to prove someone wrong and, therefore, trying to write something more...deep, I guess? I don't even read that many novels and I certainly don't have a lot of romance in my life, so it's not like I'm just keeping to what I know.
What do I know?

I'm straining from the topic, anyway. So, yes, I'm a writer, and that's probably the one thing I am sure about myself. I will eventually stop being most of the things I am today, but I will never stop being a writer, will I? But I tell myself: you're eighteen, you're not supposed to be sure about that many things. (I don't always listen to myself, though.) It's really scary to think that years from now, what I am today will not be the same as what I'm going to be then.

But...anyway. I just really wanted to write something in here, so there you have it. I'm going to be studying Communications - not that I want to be a journalist - so, yeah, here I am...communicating.