I am simply a girl.

A young student, a lover of everything that has to do with music poetry and nature, a bit of a dreamer probably, but as someone way more distinguished than me has said before, I know I'm not the only one. And as every dreamer, I love finding new proofs that this is so true.

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So as I said, I am a young student, and in a few days I'm going to move to another city in oder to attend university - I will study Foreign Languages ad Literatures. This new city is not London or Berlin, and it's not that far from my town actually, but the mere fact of starting to live "on my own" is - of course - enough for me to be crazy excited about this new experience I will maybe later tell you more about. The point of this whole long winded introduction is: as I have the chance to start deciding about a bunch of things in my life, I am so ready to make the most of this chance and I started planning a little.

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A few hours ago I was doing just that - planning - when I remembered about a website I saved on my desktop among other I-will-do-it-one-day things, and a sudden, enlightening thought struck my mind: what a perfect day to be that one day! That website is called Zero Waste Home (http://www.zerowastehome.com/) and it tells the story of a crazy dreamer just like me who had the courage to make her dream come true. One more proof to stir up my idealism! The founder of the movment is called Bea Johnson, and for I admire her and her lifestyle so much, I decided to share her story with you so that she can inspire you as well.

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I will later tell you a lot more about this movement as well, but for now I'll just post these photos and officially inform you that I consider this article my one-way ticket to a Zero Waste Lifestyle. Of course I will have to face some obstacles since

1. I won't be living alone, but in a sort of boarding school where I will stay in a flat with other four girls I still know nothing about (but who knows, maybe I will get them to join my challange, or at least I will do my part and of course respect their choices, making them respect mine)

2. I'm poor.
Like, not really poor, but I currently don't uh regularly earn money - I pay nothing for the flat thanks to a scholarship and my parents and aunt provide me with what I need for food and anything else. So I will probably have to make some little sacrifices at first, but just visit her website please! (https://zerowastehome.com/tips// and watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=y583QTbetsQ ) and you'll understand why I seriously NEED to make this change in my life.

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And since I am eighteen, penniless and ready to move to a new town and a new house I'll share with four people I don't know at all, follow the future development of this new crazy project of mine and I swear if I can make it, you, young readers, can make it as well.

Cheers people, and love deeper.