There is a fire inside of my. My heart beats for photography.
I love these photographies where there is something in the center. Focus. And behind there is a wonderful background.
Or I love to shoot photos of people. I like zooming in their beautiful faces. I think their faces are like art.

I have never taken many photos because the camera my family owns doesn't feel professional when I take photos. It feels like I'm just a little dumb kid without hobbies that plays with the camera.
A friend of mine owns a professional camera that is way too expensive at the moment.
I have always thought "Well, when I have got the money, I will buy this camera and make my dream come true to make amazing photos."
What a dumb thought.
If it's my dream I have to work for it. And even if it doesn't feel professional, it's possible to professional photos. In the end it doesn't count what camera you're using. It's important how the photos look like.

So tomorrow (It's too dark to take pictures today) I'm going to take photos with this small camera.

Why am I telling you this? Because you have to work for your dream. Don't say "one day" because your day is today and there is always a chance to work for your dreams.