Do you like travelling? Here's a good destination.
Hungary is in the central part of Europe. It's small country but Hungary has amazing landscapes and stunning cities. Let's see some of them:


Budapest -
- is the capital city of Hungary, the largest city in the country. Where you can find old buildings, thermal baths and cultural programes

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Debrecen -
- the second largest city, also known as "the calvinist Rome".

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Eger -
- it's famous for it's history, wine, architecture - buildings from turkish rule 16-17th century -, landscapes

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Visegrád -
- is not far from Budapest. You can find here castles and mountains - beautiful view -

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Hollókő -
- is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old, traditional village.

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Lake, river, mountains and the Great Plain:

Balaton -
- the lake of Balaton is the biggest lake in Hungary and Europe

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Danube and Tisza -
- the longest rivers of the country.

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Northern and Western Hungary's mountains -
- the highest point of the country is Kékes (1024 meters)

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Great Plain and Hortobágy -
- more than the half of the area of Hungary is the Great Plain. Hortobágy is a part of it, there we can find more than hundred types of birds.

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I don't own any of these photos. They were taken by amazing photographers.

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