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I am going to place tv shows I watched in genres because I like very different kinds of tv shows, and then put them in order. I hope that that's the clearest way for y'all.
You can watch most of them on Netflix and otherwise, you can watch them here https://www.strem.io/.

Teenager tv shows

blond, gif, and pretty little liars image emily, series, and lucy hale image
1. Pretty Little Liars. My favourite tv show.
boys, tumblr, and me and my friend image gif and teen wolf image
2. Teen Wolf
couple, gif, and ian somerhalder image the vampire diaries, vampire, and gif image
3. The Vampire Diaries
gif, i need you, and love image beautiful, tv show, and lexa image
4. The 100
boy, care, and gif image american horror story, emma roberts, and taissa farmiga image
5. American Horror Story. If you love horror and creepiness you should definitely watch it.
book, girl, and movie image fuck, L, and mood image
6. Thirteen reasons why. It's a bit sad, so don't watch it when you are looking for a happy tv show.
best friends, gif, and riverdale image Cheryl, gif, and riverdale image
7. Riverdale
mtv, scream, and amadeus serafini image audrey, series, and soda image
8. Scream

Basic series/ adult series

gif, Nancy, and love image 11, el, and eleven image
1. Stranger Things. Love it love it love it.
b&w, grunge, and indie image quotes and bates motel image
2. Bates Motel
funny, gif, and orange is the new black image funny, gif, and people image
3. Orange Is the New Black. You should watch it if you like comedy.
gif, orphan black, and cosima niehaus image funny, gif, and orphan black image
4. Orphan Black

5. The Mist (not that good)
6. Under the Dome (not that good)

Costume dramas/ history series

gif, demelza, and poldark image Cornwall, gif, and tom york image
1. Poldark
1920's, season 5, and downton abbey image british, downton abbey, and funny image
2. Downton Abbey
dragon, gif, and sansa stark image b&w, game of thrones, and jon snow image
3. Game of Thrones
gif, man, and jamie fraser image Image removed
4. Outlander. If you love romantic and history series this is perfect for you.
Image removed Image removed
5. War & Peace. It's a bit short but worth watching.

Scientific series/ Astronomy series

aesthetic, art, and colours image carl sagan, gif, and positivity image
1. Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey. If you want to know some more about the universe I totally recommend it. It's like you're inside of the series.

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