Let's talk about people. We are all people that live on Earth, we are all human beings that live their lives and grow and die. We are all beautiful. See how much we already have in common? However, we are totally different. We have different minds, souls, hearts. We have different ideas, different vocations, different lifestyles. There are 7 billion people on our planet, all unique. That has to say something. Even though we are all original, we seem to die copies, in our desperate run for normality and acceptance. This fear of being who we are is going to tear our comunity apart if we don't fight it. You should be proud that you're the only you on Earth. Instead of judging people and criticizing people, we should stick together, respect and appreciate each other, we should spread love and light.
We are works of art. We hide treasures within us, and reveal them in our own, fantastic way. We collaborate, combine our styles and create something wonderful and enchanting that holds a part of our hearts inside it. We work hard for our dreams, we make this world work. We do all this things. We have the world in our hands.
Yes, we can be sad, dissapointed, heartbroken, revengeful, but we are still human. We are not villains.

That's why I love WHI. Because it is about people. We, people, heart it.

Embrace the chaos.
M. "Black Flamingo"