Europe is the continent that includes a range of cultures,arts,climate and lifestyles.From the very traditional to the very modern each city has a different aura that make them worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.Swipe down and you will see my top 20+1 picks of cities that are, according to me, must destinations.

21) Istanbul

istanbul image istanbul image istanbul and tumblr image istanbul image

20) Berlin

berlin, landscape, and places image germany, lights, and berlin image berlin, city, and germany image germany, photography, and place image

19) Copenhagen

copenhagen, europe, and photo image adventure, amazing, and copenhagen image copenhagen, denmark, and photography image copenhagen and denmark image

18) Budapest

budapest, europe, and place image travel, architecture, and budapest image Image by Marcela Arroyo amazing, big, and bridge image

17) Bruges

christmas, city, and winter image Copyrighted image city, europe, and vintage image rio, azul, and bruges image

16) Warsaw

beautiful, Poland, and travel image city, colorful, and europe image places and warsaw image church, jesus, and Poland image

15) Prague

travel, city, and prague image building and czech image Image by Eugenia Temporarily removed

14) Dubrovnik

ancient, Croatia, and dubrovnik image Image by Ana Paula Horta balkan, dubrovnik, and old town image Croatia, dubrovnik, and travel image

13) Stockholm

travel, stockholm, and sweden image Image removed stockholm and sweden image beautiful, sweden, and Dream image

12) Oslo

capital, beautiful, and norway image beautiful, norway, and norwegian image beautiful, norway, and norwegian image city, norway, and oslo image

11) Lisbon

city, lisbon, and portugal image adventure, lisbon, and photo image birds, europe, and Houses image lisbon, portugal, and beautiful image

10) Paris

paris, nature, and travel image notre-dame and paris image aesthetic, city, and places image adventure, beautiful, and europe image

9) London

city, bridge, and london image london, sunset, and england image Image by M2 city, Ciudades, and colors image

8) Edinburg

edinburgh and dean village image london, travel, and city image cities, escape, and europe image scotland, edinburgh, and travel image

7) Vienna

austria, building, and city image aesthetic, architecture, and city image city, travel, and architecture image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

6) Madrid

rainbow and madrid image city, fotography, and spain image city, spain, and travel image Image removed

5) Amsterdam

amsterdam, travel, and trip image Image by Bubble amsterdam, city, and travel image amsterdam, spain, and nikon d90 image

4) Florence

image image architecture, italy, and art image Image by Miasutta adventure, beautiful, and florence image

3) Venice

city, italy, and venice image travel, venice, and italy image travel, theme, and aesthetic image travel, venice, and italy image

2) Barcelona

Gaudi, spain, and Barcelona image architecture, exterior, and spain image Barcelona, church, and place image spain, travel, and city image

1) Rome

italy, rome, and travel image rome and travel image travel, rome, and italy image Image by Ele