My name is Lourdes and I´m writing this article to introduce myself to you, anyone whose behind that screen.
I am a seventeen-year-old student and I have joined a 15 writing challenge ( I will leave the link below ). I am from Argentina but I attend an English Institute and I have to improve the way I write in this lenguage.
That´s one of the reasons why I am doing this but certainly not the main one, you´ll see, I have always considered myself as an insecure person because there are some things I don´t like about myself.
I have anxiety, some months ago I could control it but now, I feel that is getting worse, and I am running out of pacient easily.
I have some issues with food. Not proud of it.
Once I read that writing is a good way to tell ourselves what we cannot.
Why not try?
There is nothing to lose