Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoy that it's the weekend and time to relax a little. Hopefully. If you're not going to study like me. But even if your weekend is full with plans and things to do, I hope you still have a great one, and find a little time for yourself. :)

A thing I like to do on weekends is watching movies, it is relaxing and it's also a cozy thing to do in the autumn. So I thought i would share some of my favorite movies with you guys. :D

The Golden Compass

The first movie I will recommend is The Golden Compass. It's a great and very exciting movie about a 12-year old girl called Lyra. She lives at the Jordan College and is a very stubborn half-wild girl. Children starts to disappear, and one day Lyra's best friend Roger disappears to. Lyra has to go on a mission to the north to save the children. I will not reveal anything more, because you have to watch it yourself! It is a movie that i can watch over and over again. It's a fantasy/adventure movie.

film and the golden compass image film and the golden compass image film and the golden compass image film and the golden compass image


This movie is absolutely one of my favorite movies. It stares the amazing and talented Chloë Grace Moretz and Asa Butterfield. It's instructor is Martin Scorsese. The movie is about the orphan boy Hugo, who lives at a train station where he takes care of the clocks. Hugo feels very lonely and he is trying to fix a broken mechanical man which he and his father have worked on. He meets a girl called Isabelle and together they find new adventures and try to figure out the meaning of life.

black and white, asa butterfield, and chloe grace moretz image hugo, movie, and asa butterfield image flowers image actors, behind the scenes, and isabelle image

The mortal instruments: city of bones

This movie is about a girl called Clary Fray, who finds out that she's not a normal teenage girl, but a shadowhunter, half angel/half human who is supposed to protect the human world from demons. I will not tell much more about it really. If I do, I will just reveal to much.
Some of the actors are Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and Kevin Zegers.

lily collins, city of bones, and the mortal instruments image Image removed robert sheehan, Jamie Campbell Bower, and jace lightwood image city of bones, the mortal instruments, and jace image

Thanks for reading this article.
Hope you enjoyed it. :D