I feel how the first sip runs down my throat. Caffeine storms into my veins. Step by step the energy starts to come back and I welcome it as an old friend. I push my hair out of my eyes to see better. I want to see further, I want to feel more, I want to be more. My messy hair falls back in front of my eyes. I didn't see how he waved at me, so I just kept walking. I felt so good. Just me and my coffee, my lovely warm drink. I rested on the wall and closed my eyes. Then someone touched me briefly and my eyes flew open again. I even don't have to tell you, that it was he again. He asked me quietly if I saw him in the hall. Afcource I said no, but I guess he didn't believe me. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was, that the moment I saw him I didn't feel myself anymore. I didn't feel good about me anymore. The only emotion I felt was about him. It was like I even didn't exist anymore. There were only he and maybe a sad shadow of me.