"Save myself is the final song on the deluxe version of 'Divide' and has an important message of self-care for anyone of any gender"
"While the specific subject of Save myself isn't entirely obvious, it's a song that anyone who has ever felt down on themselves can relate to. Even if some of the lyrics feel like a bit of a punch in the gut, Sheeran makes the point that you need to pick yourself up before you can help anyone else-- something that many people probably need to hear, even if they don't realize it."

Unlike Ed's album my story 'begins' with the first verse of this powerful song and an opaque mirror, which used to return me the reflection of a deeply broken human being, with a pale fragile body and a painful glare in its cold eyes. I had been through bad days. It was nothing serious, but the weight of the life would suffocate me. I used to think, wrapped in my blind stupidity, all of my friends had turned their back on me. And I've acted egoistically, thinking that no one cared about me anymore, trying to make people feel horribly guilty. I treated badly also my parents and my family. I always used to beg God to show some mercy on me, murmuring prayers before going to bed. And oh, now I can see how I was wrong.

This song has literally found me like an anchor finds the castaway trapped in a cage of storm and thunders. I had never been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran until I heard this song. These beautifully sad lyrics helped me to realize that I was unique, every one of us is. And that I was mistaking wasting away my precious life like that. And most of all, it taught me that I couldn't expect someone to save me because '_I_' was the only person able to do it. Even when people seem to leave you on the shelf, without kissing you goodbye, you have to face the pain (not numb it with pills or drugs) and find the strength to save yourself, to 'love' yourself.

When I left my hometown to spend a month in Ireland, away from my comfortable nest, I took this song with me like a kid does with its teddy bear. It took me company through the rainy days and the endless nights. I had a crush on a boy there, but he seemed to not like me at all. This song reminded that I had to love myself, no matter what others thought about me, even when I started questioning myself and my look.

When I came back I realized that I had grown up a little, and I had ended a long, difficult journey. Not only my exciting staying in Dublin (it wasn't that bad after all ) but also the route of learning how to accept and how to save myself. I have to thank Ed, because he helped me, with his voice, through this difficult period but I want to do something more.

I've shared my experience here hoping that other people who had lived or has been living a similar situation will share theirs too. If you want to tell me about what you have been gone through, please contact me on Twitter (@/gtragediez) or send me a postcard. I will write some articles about you: I really like the idea of writing articles and one day I would like to become a journalist.