hi everybody. so, it is now truly autumn, and we quickly want to wrap in a soft blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and a favorite book while outside it rains. well, let's officially open this fall season.

  • so, essential number one is your favorite book. and if you not have one this, I advise you to read "dandelion wine". Yes, it's a book about summer, but believe me it will warm you even in the coldest weather.
  • number two is of course your favorite sweater because without it, the autumn is not autumn. and if your favorite sweater has already not good then will buy new, shopping is always uplifting it as a sport only better.
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  • this option is not suitable for everyone but personally I like it very much. it is red or any dark shades of lipsticks you have. for me this colors just screams autumn. it's time to try new makeup.
  • finally we got to this point. and it's your favorite autumn drink. whatever it is coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine, just anything. for example, for me it is tea and hot chocolate. brew yourself a cup of this drink and enjoy the day.
  • and the last it is the autumn playlist. it is your choice, all your favorite songs, mix them, listen and enjoy this beautiful autumn.

and this is it, I hope you enjoyed this article and it was a little bit useful. peace and love.