My thoughts are killing me inside my mind. ~ Andjeli. R

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You knew my thoughts are killing me inside and yet you've done all of this to me. In so a small time comes so much bad thoughts in me.
Why did you do this to me?

You are the reasons why this happend to me. I thought you never gonna hurt me, never try to break my heart and never want see me cry but now you've done all this. Going you ever tell me why you all this things do to me?
I don`t know how to live again. You let me hate myself.
You are the one who has broken my life and now I am on a place of which you will dream to get there, but believe me after you've killed me by pain you will never come here.

After all this I have five words: I`m your raped victim, thanks.

- Andjeli. R

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