who am i? good question...im a girl blogger from the netherlands in europe. i love posting things about everthing. i will always be myself no matter if others will like it or not. I will post once a week or more if i can a blog post. I will be active on my page as much as i can. I love blogging and sharing things with the world but i honestly think some people on social media over rate that.

Some people are to much busy with keeping up on sociale media that they miss the great things that happen when you put your phone down. I honestly think people need to do more things that make them forget to check there phone. But i dont think my blog will help with that lol. You can check your phone if i post haha. You can always contact me i love to talk outside my blog posts : ) i will never judge you , you can always ask me anything! If you need advice of something you really dont dare to ask, just ask! Or you just need to talk or have a chat just do it lol. I will react as soon as i can , i love to help people.

My instagram where you can contact me on : @Tumbhlr.teen But i think you know enough about me now so i will see you in the next post ;)

xoxo gossip girl
neh, im way better than her or him if you watched it lol..
XOXO your new favorite blogger on the internet ;)