Univz just release her Days Are Blue EP through her brand new label, Aesthetic Vibes.

It was the first release on her label.

Titled 'Days Are Blue' Univz' debut EP is neatly packaged into three songs.

The first track 'Acid Trip' is overflowing with trippy

sounds, futuristic vibes and memorable melody ready to take you away to another dimension.

Second on the EP, 'What's on Your Mind', is an experimental-sounding piece, with hypnotic pads which turn into a much more relaxed and melodic atmosphere with bright synths to lo-fi smooth keys.

The final track, 'Days Are Blue', is the “song” of the album, with Univz singing about a pensive kind of love. Angelic and dreamy vocals, wrapped in the ambient atmosphere, pull the listener along on a melancholic trip.

In a nutshell, Univz' sound brings you to a dreamlike state; as if you had drifted into a digital otherworldly environment like in your first PC game.