The sun was shining through the sheets of clouds. It was freezing cold but fall had only just begun. The cold air that came from the window was teasing her by stinging her skin while the light from the sun was comforting her and making her warm.

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Birds were singing their sad songs which were so beautiful to the ears. Leaves were showing their most beautiful colors, knowing this would be their last chance for them to be the stars of the show.

The smoke of her hot chocolate milk rose up and disspeared in the air as if it hadn't been there, just like a ghost. Her cold hands surrounded her mug as if they were trying to make it warm although nothing but the opposite was true.

Her laptop was making the annoying noise it always made and her favorite magazine was flipped open on a page about winter trends. She didn't understand why everything needed to end so fast.

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The trafic on the street was bothering her, how could people be so mad at this season that they didn't care about it's beauty enough to take a bike or go by foot. In the park facing her appartment, an elderly couple was walking by with their dog, a group of teens were walking to school, two girls were having a loud conversation.

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She couldn't stop but wonder, was there anyone else who liked this season just as much as she did?