Do you know that feeling when you love someone so much, you literally daydream about having them between your arms, about saying I love you straight to their face, about feeling their warmth spread through your body every time you hug or every time you kiss.

You think about them every second of every day. They become a big part of your life even though you guys are not together. No, you're not a couple, and no, you've never been on a date before but you still have that strong love for them.

But at the same do you also know the feeling when someone breaks your heart into million pieces, betrays you, and stabs you with their harsh words. When someone breaks their promise to you, crashes you down and uses you. What if I told you that this ugly person is the same person you once loved.

They gave you hope, they gave you a chance to be together and once you were together they didn't just turn their back to you but they brutally broke you and never looked back. They were just inhuman mosquitos that were camouflaging as colorful butterflies. Their words were thrones coated with honey and their face was devilishly looking hidden behind a mask.

But you were also a diamond, no matter the number of times you fell you were still strong, lusty and shiny, never losing your worth.