Hey to all you guys that Hearted my past two rants. When i saw just how many people liked what i had to say i was blown away because i have never gotten that much attention for anything i've put out on social media and the fact that for soon reason y'all liked or related or had any sort of connection to what i had to say is crazy. Especially my Rant post. i was really mad at the time and the best way for me to cope with stuff is to write and normally it goes in my diary but i wanted people to know how i felt and it just so happened that WeHeartIt had given me access to the Articles easily because i took their survey. i would love for you to send me a post card and if there's things y'all want me to talk about or just keep doing rants and make this my public diary i can do that too, but no ones given me any feed back about my stuff so even if you just thought it was funny and wanted to save it that's cool too haha. i don't even think i went over it and edited it to make sure it was alright because i was just soooo mad. Even my one where i posted about my college experience got so much love i didn't think it was going to get. It's just people talked about how they had all these friends and i couldn't relate because i didn't come to the school with friends in mind so it was having to start from scratch, but yeah i think i talked about that in the Article.

I keep all these things in my collection Me ♑️ (emjis are faster to see and images are better to remember) so go and read them both if you haven't and send me a postcard of what you thought or anything else, i can take it. :)

but for now i guess i'll just write what the timing is right so it might be a while but i could always use a good writing session.

Cheyenne ❤️xo