So there is this man. I know him from my older brother. They were friends till kindergarden and were always kinda very good friends. We started texting and talking and we hung out together and one night we had very deep talks. I could see that he wasn´t okay and had do deal with some shit. So I decided to be there for him, no matter what. I always liked him but I was starting to develop feelings for him. I didn´t know until it was too late. And actually I really think I never have been true like that to anyone else before. He means so much to me and he knows. I keep telling him that he is impotant to me and that he can talk to me about everything, And he did. He was open to me and I adored him even more. We hung out some more times. But it was always hard because he was like "you are his little sister and this is not right.", even tho we were just haning out and didn´t do other things than lying on his couch and watching movies. It was not like we were doing bad things, like having sex, you know. So i kept trying to help him of his phase and I enjoyed the time we had together even tho I knew it was hard for him because he was always afraid of losing his friend. I was convinced that it didn´t bother my brother but he was always thinking of it and then told me his thought different of it. And that hurt me. I have to admit that it really did hurt me. Because he kind of said that we can´t hook up anymore because if my brother found out it would be bad for him. My brother always gave me to understand that I could do what I wanted to do and I thought that he didn´t care about me at all. So I didn´t accept that. Now my point is that I have feelings for him and I actually think he is feeling something too, otherwise he wouldn´t think of it bothering my brother. But we both don´t know what to do. I really like him. He was there for me when I needed him and I always tried to be there for him when he needed someone and we could be so much more than just friends. I don´t want to make him feel guilty about anything because he is living a crises right now but I have to think about me too and I know I want him to be more to me.