a hard and ice cold
heart of stone
ether complaining
or silent and alone
hard to break
but when you do
ti i'll never be as good as new

the always shining heart of gold
doing just what its told
happy just to be your friend
always there until the end
if you break a heart of gold
its easy to put it in another mold
but if you run away with a part
its no longer a peaceful heart

some have a freezing heart of ice
and hardly ever realize
that they're ignored on repeat
and melt at the lowest heat
a friendly gesture
some simple words
will keep them happy
even though it hurts

but i have a heart of glass
stuck in my quiet lonely past
hurting by my own desire
to feel good only when i'm tired
until the day you hold me
in your hand
i'll only be a pile of sand
but work with patience
and belief
and i'll turn in to
a masterpiece.