Hello my little licornes ~

In a last few days I started to take care about my blog from another perspective. Posts I made recently were mostly dedicated to some tips and advice which I wanted to share with you. If my tips helped at least one person, in any case, I´m really happy I could help. For today´s article I would like to share with some tips dedicated mostly to my women´ visitors - what should every woman carry with herself in a bag? Of course, every woman is unique and every single one of us has her own "mess" in the bag, haha. Take these tips like the universal ones :)

1. ~ Sunglasses: My eyes are extremely sensitive to a bright light and they´re also really sensitive to stronger wind. On the other side I enjoy the feeling that people don´t know where I´m looking, haha. You can wear them also on days when you don´t feel like put on a makeup and you have to go somewhere quickly.

2. ~ Folding brush: I brush my hair pretty often, especially when my hair looks weak and slicked. When brushed it looks more fresh and voluminous.

3. ~ Wallet: Well, you should carry with yourself at least a little amount of money. You never know when will you have to buy something.

4. ~ Cosmetic bag: When I go somewhere outside for a longer time, I carry with myself at least a few pieces in case I will want to re-do my makeup.

5. ~ Keys: I hope I don´t have to explain how important is this thing.

6. ~ Earphones: Recently I don´t listen to music that much. I enjoy wind in my hair, different sounds from daily objects and beautiful picture I can see with my own eyes. But there are a few days when I want to "hide" from everything mentioned before and just want to listen so music. It´s also convenient if you are waiting and you want to reduce time.

7. ~ Lipstick/lip balm: If you don´t like using lipsticks very much, try at least using lip balms. Your lips will stay pretty and also hydrated.

8. ~ Tissues: Do you have a cold? Allergy? You want to re-do your makeup? You cried? You noticed there is no toilet paper? You need to be prepared!

9. ~ Painkillers: If you can get a headache easily and pretty often or if you are prone to any other problem like this, carry with yourself also some painkillers. I´m the person who doesn´t like to take pills if it´s not needed, but sometimes you just have to.

10. ~ Water bottle: Are you going somewhere outside and you will be there for a few hours? Take a water bottle with yourself. You won´t stay dehydrated and you will also do something good for your body and especially for your skin. You also don´t have to pay any unneccesary money in case you will be thirsty.

11. ~ Pen: You never know when it will be needed.

12. ~ "Miracle bag": If you go to work or school, it doesn´t matter. You can´t be sure for 100% when will you get another monthly visit. Better to be prepared!

13. ~ Mobile phone: Unfortunately, in today´s society it´s something you can´t live without. Or at least it´s really tough. But on the other side, you can use it also as a reminder or a diary for the random thoughts.

14. ~ Something to eat: Candy or bubblegum in case you will be very hungry or waiting for the food.

15. ~ Papers: ID card, insurance card, travel card ...

16. ~ Perfume/body mist: Without a perfume I feel naked. You also don´t be sure when will you meet your favourite K-POP idol in Slovakia, pfff. It´s possible! Mr. or Ms. Right ;)

What do you think? What shouldn´t be missing in a bag? :)