Hello guys! This is my first article and I hope you like this.
The summer is finished and the autumn is coming with its orange leaves and its magic.
So this is my personal playlist for this season <3

love, couple, and autumn image

1- Pictures of you-Boyzone

2-Fast car- Tracy Chapman

3-Wake me up when september ends- Green Day

autumn, cozy, and relax image

4-Remember when- Alan Jackons

5- Carolina in my mind- James Taylor

coffee, chocolate, and hot ​chocolate image

6-All of the stars- Ed Sheeran

7-Wherever you will go- The Calling

8-Love song- Sara Bareilles

love, couple, and autumn image

9- Chasing Pavements- Adele

10-Everybody's Changing- Keane

couple, winter, and cozy image love, couple, and autumn image

Let me know what you think about!!