Passion promises many things; but not always love. First love can be as illusive as an illusion or as remarkable as reality. When you finally fall for your Fated First, how can you truly tell in your heart of hearts that here is a rock upon which you can build your house? Here is your hero. Here is your haven, your heaven, your other half.

It may seem outdated, but I believe friendship must come first and foremost. Here is a person whose perspectives and priorities will personally guide your own position and pleasure in life. Now don't protest! Yes, we are liberated. But a partner should be a pairing based on compatibility not just commonality. When you first establish a sound friendship, the sensitive feelings that may develop into a lasting love are planted in the fertile field of deep understanding, mutual respect and shared values.

So, what about chemistry? Does your heart race whenever he's near? Believe it or not but some of the hottest love affairs started out rather icy. You see it in the romantic comedies at the theater: girl meets a guy she cannot stand in scene one. By the end of the story: they are madly in love. However you respond, that's normal. After all, you haven't hiked this highway before.

You've waited forever to hear those three little words from him; and now he's whispering sweet nothings in your ears left and right. You are absolutely convinced he truly loves you. Words don't lie. You've explained that you're not ready for total intimacy yet. One night, you are all alone and passion runs high. You ask him to stop. Here's where your hero handles himself like a true gentleman: he waits to build a solid house not a tent for the time being.

We are young. Sometimes what we feel is urgent. But when I'm thirty I want to look back at my First and say I was wise not wrong. I want that guy to remember me the rest of his life and smile. It's hard to put on the brakes and wait for all the 'right' signs to be there before you commit completely. He's compelling, complex and crazy about you! You're consumed, compassionate and maybe uncertain. Waiting isn't stopping! Take a pause with your passion and love could be promised in that passionate pause.