i never could have imagined we heart it would add such an amazing feature to their already amazing platform, but they have and i want to use it :) so i am participating in the 15 day writing challenge, i liked the original article so if you go to my page you'll find i've liked it recently and you can check it out yourself of course! i'm gonna do them in order and the first day is about me so yea.

it's hard to write about myself honestly because i write about myself a lot. i worry i repeat the things i've already said and fear boring someone. the basics are, my name is sarah and i'm 22 and i live in ohio. i'm engaged to my handsome high school sweet heart and a mother to one precious doll baby. my passions are photography and teaching but i do lots of things i enjoy as hobbies, like drawing poorly and doing makeup.

photography is something i've been into since i was in middle school, and even before that i knew i always wanted to take photos. i used my first camera that i got for christmas so often that i broke it, and the one after that, and the one after that. eventually when i was way older, and several weeks pregnant, i bought myself a sony alpha a65 and she's a dream to use.

i've always known i wanted to teach, way back in elementary school it was my dream career, way before i knew i wanted to take photos. it's something that i enjoy doing just casually, helping little ones read and interacting with children. i hope to go to school for it one day, but i am not in the position to be doing that right now. but that's ok. i can wait.

anyways, if you want to get to know me any farther you can always send me a postcard! see you tomorrow with day 2 of the writing challenge :)