"we learn how to get our hearts broken by a young age.
i stopped believing in love by the age of fourteen,
you may ask why,
and how,
i'm asking the same questions,
cause i don't know if it was because of those brown eyes that tortured me while those smooth lips smiled at me as your hands touched me and suddenly i got a feeling that i've never had before and i thought it was love.cause you told me you loved me and i was young and dumb and suddenly our naked bodies met and it felt like we were on clouds,
or if it was because you were my sun,
but the rainy days came suddenly you were the thunderstorm in my heart,
the rain became my tears and you were torturing me with lightning and i swear i've never felt so much pain.

it was cold and windy and i decided to go back in,
waiting for the sun to come back."