Hey! I'm Lujain. I'm going through this journey of discovering and developing myself as much as i can. I wouldn't say it was easy but i'm actually proud of myself for trying.

Since i was young i always knew i was going to reach greatness, have a major purpose, or just have a reason for living. I want to be on my death bed thinking of all the things i've done, people i've affected, and even the slightest bit of change to this world not the things i regret not doing or the places i wish i've gone to, or the opportunities i didn't take. I can't expect to change the world but if i can start with myself anything is possible, right?

My main goal this year is to work my hardest on things i believe in, try different new things, and most importantly not to settle down. Most, if not all, of my life i've been accepting things for the sake of my parents and their financial state. I'm forever grateful for all what they've done for me, especially because they've been doing their very best to give my family the best possible life. I hope after high school i can get a scholarship into a college of my choice.

I don't expect anything, nothing good or bad. But i certainly hope for the best.

Your Drama Queen,
Lujain J.K