This is my first article so it's probably not going to be that good but I want to talk about depression and anxiety.
People nowadays don't care whether someone has anxiety or depression, they say we use it as an 'excuse', but we don't, we can't bring ourselves to get out of bed in the morning because we're too sad to move. We can't answer the phone without freaking out and having a panic attack. We can't leave the house without feeling like it's not safe and we're going to get hurt. Being in a public area is even worse, the smells, the sounds, everything around you feels more HD, you can smell the perfume of the old lady sat 3 rows back on the bus from you. You can smell the biscuit the baby next to you ate an hour ago. You can smell the sweat from the person who just ran and missed their bus. You can hear the whispers of the people 10 feet away from you. It all drives you insane and puts you on edge. I started college this week, and I've only been in for one day, that day was Monday. Now it's Friday and I still haven't returned, I'm dropping out next week because I can't physically bring myself to go to college.
Now, parents, they don't understand it at all, they say you're not doing things to help yourself, but in reality, you're doing everything you can, whether it's self-harm, exercising, playing video games or blasting music, you're doing everything you possibly can do. No, I'm not promoting self-harm, in fact, I'm telling you that if you're thinking of doing it, don't, you'll regret it, your body will be covered in scars that will never leave, you'll feel embarrassed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops, and it's a pain in the summer when you have to wear long sleeves in the heat. It's not nice. I'm here 5 years later from the first time I self-harmed, and if I could, I would take it all back, I'd stop myself from doing it because it's ruined my life. I was an inpatient on a ward because I was a danger to myself, I was too destructive, and I still am very destructive but I'm learning. I don't want anybody going through something like that and I want you to get help, if you feel like crap, talk to someone, don't make the mistake of keeping everything to yourself. If no one listens then scream it, make them know, it'll be the best thing you've ever done.

Sorry for the long article but I'm letting you all know that I'm here and if anyone wants to talk then message me.