Autumn is here and it brings so much joy into my life. I was born in fall, but it's not only reason why it's my favorite season. These 10 things will help you to survive autumn cold nights and enjoy sunny or rainy autumn days.

1. Colors of autumn.
If you like to take photos, what season is better than colorful fall? 🍁
Grab your camera and explore.

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2. Fog in the mornings. When I go to school, headphones in my ear are playing chilly autumn music and everything's under the fog, it's the most beautiful start to a long day.

3. School starts! Yeah, that isn't probably best thing ever, but I'm so motivated in the September! After two months of relaxing it's time to start working on ourselfs.

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4. Autumn = movie time! Grab yourself into blanket, make cup of tea and just chill and watch a movie.

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5. In September also lots of shows release new epizodes!

6. Finally! You can wear cozy clothes. I can't wait whole year to wear my favorite clothes - fall clothes.

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7. In my country (Slovakia), it's time when we're reminding ourselfs of people who had left us. It's kind of sad but I like to think about people who, unfortunately, are no longer with us.

8. Blankets, books and hot drinks? Yes, please!

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9. Candles! I don't know if it need some other words. Candles are just 'must be' in fall.

10. Autumn music! Is something better in this world than slowly indie autumn music? I don't think so.

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(btw right now I'm listening: , I will probably write also my autumn music playlist, let me know if you'd like it!)

I hope you enjoy your autumn time as I do. Also hope that my article inspired you, it's my first one so if you like it, please let me know!

- Patricia