• Go outside! Fall is a wonderful and colorful season, and walks in nature can be very relaxing and beautiful in this season. Looking at the colorful trees is an instant mood boost. Also enjoy the last sunbeams before winter!
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  • It's the time of hot drinks again. Drink something hot, like tea, coffee or hot chocolate.
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  • Make bonfires with your friends, or go to the last festivals before winter.
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  • School will start again, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Try to do your best and work hard for your future. Try to appreciate your time at school - you will graduate sooner than you think!
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  • Read lots of books.
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  • Have a movie night with your best friends.
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  • Dating ideas: meet in a coffeshop while it's raining outside or have a picnic in a park and watch the colorful trees.
  • Have the perfect fall look - go shopping and buy the newest trends, like scarves, cozy sweaters and stylish skirts or fall dresses in your favorite fall colors.
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  • Enjoy thanksgiving! Make time for your family and friends - this is really important.
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  • Go to Halloween parties or even organize your own! Pick a cool costume and have fun!

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