She's destroyed yet another
Just like the last ten
Time to shuffle the cards
Mix them up again
For when her Highness
Wants another game

It's rather simple, darling:
Throw down your aces first.
They're not what she's craving
But those hearts might quench her thirst

Blushing lips, pure white dress
Mesmerising smile gets you blind
"Queen? More like an innocent princess
In a matter of time, she'll be mine."

Poor thing, you really ought to remember
The blush is blood, there's ice in the white dress
Don't you see her eyes, colder than December?
That smile will help make you a mess.

Oh no, she may not look it
But honey, you'd better mark it
As sure as she looks like an angel
You're in quite a bit of danger

Her company, she might let you enjoy
But she's not under control; it's just a ploy
The throne, riches, they're all just toys
Her true desire is to teach those naive boys
That love of power sleeps in the best of girls
Oh, you don't want to see her plan unfurl

Poor fellow, you really don't have a clue
Of the chilling deeds that she can do
You know not how it will end
How her power will make your pride bend

No matter how hard you try
In the end, it is you who will cry
Check and mate, she's knocked you down
None of those who tried ever got her crown

Her ears are deaf to all your pleas
And when you're down upon your knees
Gasping, bleeding, scarred for life
You'll see, there's no sugar among all that spice

However, she is a woman true
Her own heart aches, just a little, for you
So she tears herself apart, leaves a piece behind
Something that will forever remind
That women are nobody's play
So be thankful you have survived today.
She turns and walks on, towards another tryst
Queen of Hearts, who's next on her list?